With the introduction of the HD DC Slider we were asked to recommend a complete package that would ensure a solid, robust support for the HD DC Slider system. This steadfast system has met the challenge for location shooting where the longest zoom lenses are subjected to sever “whip pans” and radical moves in sports broadcasting.

The joining up of the HD DC Slider and the MT1/DL7 System offers the most solid, mobile platform for the HD DC Slider system. The MT1 is rated at over 265lbs. (120kg) capacity and has an operating height range of 25-44″ (63-112cm) and the DL 7 Dolly with its large 5″ (13cm) wheels guarantees smooth system movements on set or location.


  • Most advanced model in the sub 20kg category
  • Compatible with F55, red epic with a zoom lens, Arri Alexa with CP lenses
  • Flying speed over 70 kmph
  • Range of over 500 meters
  • Max Payload : 15 Kgs
  • Highest in class flying time of 20 mins.



  • Displacement: 850CC High Output
  • Drive System: On Demand AWD / 2WD
  • Payload Capacity: 261Kg
  • Top Speed: 115 kmph


  • Customized with a fully rigged set up
  • Includes horizontal and vertical vibration isolators which allows the DOP to operate the camera in motion
  • Can be used with a 5 axis stablised head
  • Compatible with all film / digital camera and lenses
  • Interchangeable on road and off road tyres


The M10 is custom designed and custom built hand held gimbal. The brushless motors are the perfect blend of performance and weight while the entire rig runs virtually silently. The M10 gives filmmakers total control over the stabilizer with multiple modes for single operators and dual operators.


Weight: 3.9 lb / 1.8 kg
Camera Cage: 140mm L x 200mm W x 200mm H Maximum
Payload: 12 lb / 5.44 kg


The M10 is designed as the ultimate blend in size and weight and able to take cameras ranging from a small DSLR up to the most professional cinema cameras.